Produced by David Wildman, engineered and mixed by Joe Idzal at Blossom Studios, Natick. Mastered by Scott Craggs at Old Colony. David Wildman - vocals, guitar, keys, Jason Raffi - Bass, James Vanwart - drums. Words and music by David Wildman


Rosemary Goes Away by David Wildman

On the edge of the bed
All the old words are gone
Packed up in dusty cassettes
Another useless song
I hear them in my head
But I can't face them again
I'm only waiting 'til Rosemary goes away
And so once again I have been unclear
In another sad verse of a sad career
It's all I had to say
At the end of a long hard day
I'm only waiting 'til Rosemary goes away
Don't want to tell you another lie
But I see you reflected in your mother's eye
And it's not okay
In the Russian club you said drink you must
I spilled my Moscow Mule
And you spilled my guts
You said the past belongs to each of us
And we will make of it what we must
I'm only waiting 'til Rosemary goes away